Monday, July 9, 2012

GoodGUI Home

Here is the link to the latest (and multiplatform) GoodGUI.  Props to PolarZ for updating it for so long!

GoodGUI Home

GoodTools Suite

Here is the complete set of GoodTools as they existed on the old website.  The file is about 15 meg. Please don't post this link to other sites (it would be against the license), and the link will change every few days anyway.

As I update a tool, I'll take it from this 'complete' set. Eventually there will be individual files for each GoodTools like existed on the old website

GoodTools Complete Suite
To the user who suggested GoodTools needs a GUI: it already has GoodGUI.  I'll reupload the latest version of it ASAP.  I don't code GUIs because they add nothing to the mission of the GoodTools, and the GoodTools work under Linux a little better without a GUI to mess things up :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Finally! After a few days of playing 'tag' with DNS records, is pointed back to the right place. 

I was looking over the data from the old site, and it was amazing how many people still played the online games, and tried to pick the 'polls' option, even though it did not work.  Is that something everyone would like me to keep on a new site, or do you just want new GoodUtils and a forum for posting new game info??

Also, if you are out there BIrvine, gimme a shout. I'd like to keep up with the XMDBs again.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Here's a nice little file for those of you 'early adopters'.  Scans and the ROM for Sonic in Gameworld for the Pico.  It is missing from the other Team-Europe dumps when they reverified what was already in GoodPico... 

Sonic Scans

Friday, July 6, 2012

Welcome!  This blog is here to let you know that is still alive. I am currently evaluating new hosting options.  I may even stick with the blog format for a while as it is much simpler than maintaining an entire website.  I have all files and forums from the old site archived!
I'll be posting the GoodUtils here in a few days.

Note1 : Never use PowWeb for hosting.. They are 100% useless for tech support.
Note2 : Never let people post on a forum without moderation. You get Russians posting spam