Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Been a while...

Wow.. real life has taken a while to catch up on :(  I've been fighting bugs in RAR and 7z for a while as I convert the GoodTools to Unicode, but I'm almost done.

I've also got a line on a batch of Jap Pico carts, but I've not kept up with Team-Europe in a while and don't want to waste money buying dupes. If someone has a nice single link or site for their scans and dumps, just shoot me a comment.

Finally, I've been trying to help out a school system with some ancient junk. If anyone has driver disks for fiber optic cards made by 'Raylan' from about 1991 for the PC or the MAC, please let me know where to get the image.  Raylan was bought out by AMP in 1993 and completely disappeared. Most valuable part of the company was their domain name rl.com LOL!

More soon (promise!)