Saturday, June 8, 2013

Out of the blue...

...I make a post!   Real life has been at 0% idle level lately, but I'm still working on GoodTools and other stuff.  I would release a new version, but there is still a nagging bug in RAR file handling that causes a BSOD and no one likes those.  If I had code to create RAR files i could figure out why my code can't decode some of them, but alas it is closed source.  Still I forge ahead.

I did get time to work on Tandy 1000 emulation in MESS last week.  It is not as well done as I'd like as many of the chips and BIOS ROMs are not dumped 100% correctly.  If you've still got a Tandy 1000 from mid 80s-mid 90s lying around, email me and we can try and get em all dumped properly. Models include things like the HX RX TX SX SL RL, etc etc.. Tandy made lots of variations.

Be back soon!