Sunday, December 29, 2013

YAY, New GoodGBA and GoodNES


I got rid of that f*cking DropBox POS.  I'm using for now.  Seems to work the same for end users and I don't have to install an app like with DropBox just to get files synced from one PC to the cloud.

If you want to help me with some more storage space, use this to login to : referral

If I get enough space, I'm seriously considering backing up all my scans that I have not had time to pretty up. People can then help me with them, and I can look at them while on the road looking for undumped carts. The scans are much too large for even a 64GB SD card on my tablet :(

Now to the news most people care about!

New GoodGBA and GoodNES.  These are the two that most people ask about (GoodSNES being almost a tie)
GBA and NES also have the largest number of hacks coming out of China right now, and I want to test the new UTF-8 ability.  Let me know if you encounter anything 'strange' while renaming or scanning.

Oh, and RAR support is gone for now.

Here is the link for the complete set of GoodTools.  For now I'm going to just keep one file with everything in it. It is only 15meg and everyone will have latest files.  If no bugs are found in these two tools, I'll release loads more right after New Years Day.

Have fun


Da Link :  GoodTools Suite Dec 29, 2013 Version (updated version available)

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